I guess we'll never understand,
                        how the things went in that way.
                        How all that we've created
                        explode beneath ourselves.

                        And maybe it's time for us to see,
                        you've never love somebody
                        like you use to believe.

                        A wolf standing on his own,
                        like the crazy on the crowd.
                        Round and round of eyes
                        just waiting for a show.

                       Even the devil was an angel,
                       and I though an angel had locked me
                       But even in the dark,
                       the light has come to rise me.

                       Your heart crashes,
                       me standing on the view
                       of some pathetic flashes.

                      And all of these sensations,
                      reminds me that,every season,
                      even with love actuations,
                      give us crazy hallucinations.

The Marauder

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